Easy to use app for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed to create professional invoices, estimates/quotes with product management and expense tracking



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    The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your business performance based on the Sales-Expense chart. And just one click to see the list of your expired invoices, draft invoices, pending estimates, and unpaid expenses.

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    Create invoices quickly and easily. Once you’ve created your invoice, you can print it or email it to your customers. You can customize the color, language, number format, header content, and logo of your invoice.

    - Invoice online payment
    - Payment receipt
    - Payment reminder
    - Packing Slip*
    - Client Statement*

    * currently only available in the Windows 10 version of the app

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    Estimates / Quotes

    Create professional estimates or quotes for your customers. Create an invoice from an estimate/quote with one click.

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    Track and manage your expenses. You can create expense categories for charts and reports.

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    Track your Inventory

    Manage your product's stock level, product purchases, product scrap, and other stock movements.

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    Reports and Charts

    Create and analyze reports and charts from sales, taxes, expenses, and others with multiple filters.

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    Offline working

    Create and manage invoices, estimates, expenses, and inventory documents without an internet connection (if you don't use the Cloud Sync service. The Cloud Sync service requires an internet connection.).

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    Continuous development

    The SBX Invoice app is regularly updated with useful new features.


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